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13 Fall Art Lessons!

Happy Fall!

I don’t know about you, but for me, at this time in the year, the back to school rush of adrenaline has worn off. Students have settled into their classes, behaviors start to escalate and as an art teacher, you’re just plain worn out.

But after classes are done for the day, you have to attend to all of the cleaning, organizing, school duties, meetings lesson planning & prepping for the next day. . Art teachers are really AMAZING. The amount of work you do on a daily basis is unreal and it seems like everyone thinks the job is just all fun and games. Annoying things people say to art teachers… that’s for another blog post. :) For this one, let’s talk about 13 different projects great for teaching in the Fall.

Beginning with 3 you can find on my YouTube Channel: Color My Monday

This video teaches students about the customs and traditions surrounding Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Then provides a draw along sugar skull!

Use this video to teach about the life and art of Yayoi Kusama! Then students can draw along to create their own Kusama inspired polka dot pumpkin!

Discuss pattern as a Principle of Design and how to use the Elements of Art: line, shape and color to create patterns. Students can draw along to create their own turkey then fill the feathers with different patterns.

The following 10 lessons can be found inside our All Access Membership!

Use the PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation to teach students about teepees and how they were used by Native American people. Then students create their teepee using construction paper and construction paper crayons! This complete lesson can be found in the K-1 section of the membership.

This introduction presentation gives context to the lesson by teaching students about corn and it's relevance to American life. Then students draw and paint their harvest corn work of art. This lesson can be found in the K-1 section of the membership.

Introduce this lesson by discussing facts about pumpkins then have students create a new kind of pumpkin, a disco pumpkin. Students can draw along to create their disco pumpkin, then color using crayons. Find this lesson in the 2-3 section of the membership.

Teach students about the life and art of Frida Kahlo and then guide them in creating this portrait of Frida focusing on the flowers in her hair. find this complete lesson in the 2-3 section of the membership.

In this lesson, students learn about the 'Salmon People' of the Pacific Northwest Native Nations. The PowerPoint discusses significance of this Native American salmon design and the importance of salmon to the native people. Students can look at different salmon designs then create their own design inspired by the art they see. Find this lesson in the 2-3 section of the membership.

Using this PowerPoint presentation, you can teach students about the significance of different types of feathers to Native American people. How Native Americans use feathers and what they symbolize to the culture. Then students draw and design their own feather. You can find this lesson in the 2-3 section of the membership.

There are some famous cats in art! View and discuss some of those cats using this presentation then students can draw a Paul Klee inspired black cat with a spiderweb background to incorporate spooky season. Have students fill in the spider web with designs and patterns. Find this lesson in the 4-5 section of the membership.

Students learn about Edvard Munch's The Scream and the mysteries surrounding it then create their own version of the scream by designing a different background. Find this lesson in the 4-5 section of the membership.

Teach students about the origin of dream catchers and how they are used in Native American tribes. Then students draw and paint their own dream catcher. Find this lesson in the 4-5 section of the membership.

Using this presentation, teach students about Totem Poles made by Native American people in the Pacific Northwest then have students create a totem pole of their own. You can find this lesson in the 4-5 section of the membership.

If you join the All Access Membership you will instantly have access to all of these lessons Plus over 150 more! The PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations in each lesson are an invaluable tool to give context to each project. I have done the research on each topic and put together the presentations so you don't have to! The idea sheets are so helpful in inspiring students to create and find success in their art. The videos in the membership are broken in to two different videos - the intro video and the demo video. If you have a chatty class that is constantly interrupting, play that intro video instead of having to fight through interruption after interruption. The students get all the information and you save a little sanity. You can also play the demo video if you'd like for students to draw along. I narrate all of the demo videos but I have found when using them in my own classroom, sometimes I don't want to hear the narration and I want to say something different to the students. So, I like to play the demo video muted so I can start and stop it where I want and give my own verbal cues. If you need an assessment at the end of your lesson, follow up by using the Exit Tickets I provide.

The lessons you will find in the membership have been tested and used in my own classroom. You can literally teach straight from the website. Pull up the lesson you want to use. Download the presentation or play the videos with the click of a button. Display the idea sheet on your smartboard or print it out for students to use at their seats.

This membership allows you to be 100% planned everyday & all you have to do is gather the materials. No more being underprepared for a class or feeling stressed out that you need to come up with something to teach. It is all here, browse the membership, find a lesson you'd like to use and boom! You're ready to go!

I created this membership to help art teachers, to offer you a bank of quality lessons and take a little of your stress away. Because contrary to what most think, being an art teacher can be hard, stressful and overwhelming. If you join the membership and allow me to take away that stress of planning, you can get back to doing what you love, creating and loving kids. This is why our mission is Educate. Create. Love.

Join me, I'd love to have you!


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