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Welcome to the Art Room! We believe everyone has the ability to tap into their creativity and make beautiful art. We welcome everyone with excitement to experience the fun inside our colorful studio! 

In The Art Room, students explore various techniques such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, and more, all while making connections to art history, the elements of art, and principles of design.


For teachers ready to reclaim their time, refresh their curriculum and enjoy the art of teaching.

Our lessons can now be found at!

Through ArtBx, you gain access to everything needed for your art lessons. Intro and Demo videos, PowerPoints, Google slides,  downloadable lesson plans, supplemental documents, and examples. 

Our lessons are rigorous enough to use on a daily basis in your classroom yet can be simplified to leave for a substitute teacher.  Our content is standards-based, exciting, and relevant to the 21st century learner.   It's time to stop stressing over what you're going to teach and just enjoy teaching again.

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At Color My Monday our mission is to provide quality art education, foster creativity,  and most of all love everyone who walks through our doors in The Art Room and online!

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